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There is an insatiable demand for credit among the financially underserved population and SMEs across the globe. The demand is being saturated by technology equipped alternative lenders making economically viable and sustainable lending decisions. Those decisions allow the financially underserved to create a credit history and jump on the financial inclusivity ladder.


Investing in alternative lenders loan portfolios, previously available only to institutional investors, brings above the average returns. Returns are not correlated with traditional investment assets and commodities, rendering such an investment a welcomed diversification tool. Cash flow from the investment can be withdrawn every month or reinvested.  


Unlike P2P lending, investors do not bear credit risk of individual loans. The alternative lender is obliged to repay the principal and interest to the investors, irrespective of the performance of the underlying loans.



We are a global team of financial professionals who worked with large banks and investment companies. We are creating products that facilitate access to financing and investment opportunities to new market segments. 

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